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Company Changes

If there are any changes to your companies' details during the year, you will need to notify ASIC as soon as they occur. If you don't advise ASIC within 28 days of the change date late fees apply. You can prepare and electronically lodge unlimited change notifications for all the companies you manage through Corpliance.
The following changes can be lodged through Corpliance:
  1. Change Address - To notify ASIC of change of Registered Office, Principal Place of Business, Officeholder and/or Shareholder addresses.
  2. Change Name - To notify ASIC of an individual's change of name (eg through marriage).
  3. Appoint/Cease Officers - To notify ASIC of appointment or cessation of Directors, Secretaries and Alternate Directors.
  4. Share Transactions - To notify ASIC of share issues, transfers and cancellations as well as changes to amounts paid on shares and/or beneficial ownership.
  5. Ultimate Holding Company - To notify ASIC of appointment, cessation or change of name of an Ultimate Holding Company.
  6. Special Purpose Status - To notify ASIC of the commencement or cessation of a company's special purpose status (home unit, superannuation trustee or charitable purposes company).
  7. Corrections to ASIC - To notify ASIC of an error on a previously lodged form.
To prepare and lodge a company change request:
  1. Go to Companies > Change and select the relevant change type (eg Change Name, Appoint/Cease Officers).
  2. Enter the required data, select the Signing Officer and date of Signing, tick the appropriate Send Boxes then choose Process and send all selected Requests. The request will be sent to Corpliance. We will send you the applicable Consents and Minutes via email, to be printed and signed.
  3. When the documents have been signed, go to Companies > EDGE Processing > Waiting for Signature, tick the appropriate signed checkboxes and choose process and send all selected Requests. The change request will then be lodged with ASIC.
  4. Monitor the lodgement process through Companies > EDGE Processing > Lodged with ASIC. If any forms are rejected it is your responsibility to correct the data and lodge the form again. If you require assistance, contact us on 1300 856 972.
  5. When the document is accepted by ASIC, Corpliance will immediately update your database with the new information and send you and email notifying you that the change has been accepted.

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