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Annual Statement

  1. Corpliance will collect each company's Annual Statement from ASIC if the company is being managed using our service. ASIC make Annual Statements available within two weeks of each company's review date.
    If the review date of any company passes and the Annual Statement is not received, Corpliance will request it from ASIC.
    There is no need for you to constantly track your companies' staggered review dates as Corpliance will monitor the review dates for all the companies you manage.
  2. We will forward the Statement to you by email for review, together with ASIC's invoice and a solvency Minute. Payment for ASIC's account is to be sent directly to them.
  3. If any details on the Statement have changed or are incorrect, go to Change Company Details and prepare the appropriate change request to advise ASIC of the updated information. Late review fees apply if the change is not lodged within 28 days of the company's review date. Late lodgement fees also apply if the change is not notified to ASIC within 28 days of the date of change.

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